Education is critical to leaving Team Broken Earth’s footprint across the globe. We are committed to strengthening and enhancing the education of nurses and doctors in low and middle-income countries. Furthering local knowledge, expertise and capabilities contributes to long-term sustainability.

Education Event, Nicaragua

Over 100 local medical professionals participated over two days in courses for Nurses, MDs and Paramedics offered by Broken Earth volunteers.

Women’s Health Symposium, Bangledesh

International training course on high rick labour and delivery management for local medical professionals in partnership with the Sajida Foundation.

Trauma Symposium, Bangledesh

First training mission to Bangledesh to provide trauma training. Over 80 medical professionals participated over the two-day educational event.

3rd Orthopedic Trauma Symposium, Haiti

Sixty media residents and staff physicians participated from four Port-au-Prince hospitals. Education is an important part of Broken Earth’s work in Haiti.


Dr. Spencer McLean Fellowship

Fellowship to offer a senior Haitian orthopaedic surgical resident the opportunity to train at trauma centres in Canada.

Carolyn Churchill Scholarship

Fellowship for a recently graduated Registered Nurse from Memorial University to travel to Haiti with Team Broken Earth.