Carolyn Churchill Scholarship

For information on the Carolyn Churchill Fellowship please contact Chris Bonnell, Executive Director, Team Broken Earth

In Memoriam – Carolyn Churchill

Carolyn Churchill was a dedicated nurse with a bright spirit and deep sense of empathy. She was one of Team Newfoundland’s first participants and she brought great joy to the team. Carolyn contributed immensely to the growth of Team Broken Earth in early days, participating in various fundraising initiatives, paddle boat races and community events. Carolyn’s beautiful personality and bright smile brought light to the patients of Port-au-Prince and she was deeply appreciated by both her Canadian and Haitian colleagues. Carolyn passed away at the age of 54 in September 2015. In this our first Newsletter, we pay tribute to Carolyn’s life, her dedication, her professional skill and her beautiful spirit and thank her family for sharing her with us and allowing Carolyn to become such an integral part of the Team Broken Earth family. We miss her dearly and we send our deepest condolences to her entire family, and especially her two sons, Tim and Mark.