Team Newfoundland: Antigua, Guatemala, Feb ‘23

Team NL is returning to Antigua on a surgical mission

Following Team Newfoundland’s rural health mission in January, there will be a long list of patients in need of surgery, in addition to those who have been waiting even longer. This is why we are sending a surgical team this February to complete the circle of care to help these patients return to their families and their livelihood, following their much-needed surgeries. Full medical teams in the disciplines of orthopedics, women’s health and general surgery will spend a week in the operating room changing lives. Lives like Angelina, Francisco, and Fredy’s.
Angelina is 65 years old and lives in San Juan Chamelco, with her large family. Despite the fear of the unknown, she previously attended a rural health mobile clinic to discuss her uterine prolapse that she’s been suffering with for 15 years. Angelina is now counting the days until her scheduled gynecological surgery this February with our incredible team lead by Dr. Gill.
Living as a vegetable farmer in the small village of Alta Verapaz, 72-year-old Francisco has spent the last five years in severe pain with a growing hernia that is impacting his ability to work. Since he cannot afford surgery, he’s been taking medication to help with the pain so he can try to support his family as best as he can. Recently, when a mobile clinic was in his area, he stood in line for a long time and finally heard the news that he would be scheduled for surgery this February with Team Broken Earth’s general surgery team. He is beyond grateful.
Nineteen-year-old Fredy is from Alta Verapaz and was recently seen by Team Broken Earth Barrie this past October who explained that he’d need surgery to fix a recurring infection and permanent damage to his hip bones. Team Vancouver also saw Fredy later in October who gave him the good news that the infection has now cleared and he’s ready for surgery this February with Team Newfoundland. Fredy’s care is a great example of how incredible people from all over Canada are helping this young man end his debilitating pain and get his life back.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.