The Gift of Compassion This Holiday Season


In recent years, the world’s eyes have turned to a part of world for a situation that can only be described as a humantarian nightmare. In simple terms, a minority group of people live in Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia. They are known as Rohingya, and trace back their roots in Myanmar, which was once known as Burma, for centuries. As a minority, Rohingya have not been recognized as citizens of the state, and have suffered persecution for decades.

In October of 2016, escalated conflict broke out between Rohinya rebels and the government. In retaliation, Rohingya villages were targeted for widespread violence, forcing Rohingya families to flee by the masses into nearby Bangladesh to this day. This has a resulted in one of those most challenging humanitarian crises in recent history.

It is estimated that between 900,000-1,000,000 Rohinhya have fled, on foot or by boat, with over 70% of these being children, women and the elderly.

Refugee camps are flooded with hundreds of thousands of sick, injured, starving and traumatized civilians, and more come every day. Keeping up with the demands of providing urgent care has required humanitarian aid from the entire globe. The horrifying rate of sexual violence and pregnancy for women and girls, as well as the rapid spread of disease in the camps makes the job of medical staff even more daunting. Running understaffed and ill-equipped makeshift clinics for everything from childbirth to treating fever is no small feat.

Team Broken Earth has made several missions to Bangladesh to provide medical support and training, particularly as the country quickly approaches capacity of how many refugees it can accept. Financial support to return for more urgent missions is desperately needed.

The good news? Until December 5th, the Government of Canada will match every dollar donated to any private Canadian charity with their relief efforts in Bangladesh. This means if you donate to Team Broken Earth, they can receive more funds to send more volunteers, train more medical personnel, treat more civilians, and help save lives in the darkest of hours.

This holiday season, make it count. To donate to this incredibly worthwhile cause, visit

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