Education and Training

At home and abroad, knowledge is empowerment.

Empowering the local population is at the heart of everything we do at Team Broken Earth. Medical training and education for the people and professionals in the countries where we work is how we are achieving sustainable change in nations around the world and within our own borders, too. This work is ongoing, and we will continue to develop partnerships to utilize our special skill set, including relationships overseas where we are needed, on the Labrador coast, and in Canada’s North.

Training locals is essential for the continuing betterment of local health systems in isolated regions, developing, and third world countries. Our education and training missions to date have included Haiti, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and right here at home in Canada’s North.

Surgical sub-specialty education and training for the medical professionals include:

  • Orthopedic training (ie. hip replacement)
  • Ultrasound

We teach health promoters how to measure and interpret blood pressure.

Medical training fellowships are an essential element in our mission to improve care in the countries we serve. In connecting professionals from these countries with the training they need, we are creating lasting change and healthier lives. The programs are assessed on an ongoing basis and will continually evolve to provide the best possible use of time, resources, and funds.

University of Saskatchewan Training Program in Global Orthopedic Surgery

This one-year program, intended to be fully funded, has taken several years to develop. It is directed toward orthopedic surgeons who are practising in under-resourced areas of the world. It has the support of the division of orthopedic surgery, the department of surgery and the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, as well as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and Team Broken Earth. This program started on September 1, 2023, with our first candidate, Dr. Peterly Phillipe, from Haiti.

University of Saskatchewan Observership Program in Global Orthopedic Surgery

This six-week program has been in place since 2017. This program is directed toward senior orthopedic residents training in under-resourced areas of the globe, with four orthopedic surgical residents from Haiti having attended so far – Drs. Peterly Phillipe, Kens Kesley, Fevry Desire, and Daphney Derifond. It is a fully funded program that is supported by Team Broken Earth, the division of orthopedic surgery in the department of surgery at the University of Saskatchewan, and and the Saskatchewan Orthopdic Association. We plan for our next candidate to arrive in May of 2024, and to be from Haiti also.

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