Infrastructure, Supplies, and Equipment

From resources to guidance, we bring the tools needed to make a difference

From advocacy to eye care, we are there for those who need it most. Our mission to provide resource medical relief efforts with improved equipment, supplies, facility infrastructure, and funding is another integral part of what we do at Team Broken Earth.

Much needed and so much appreciated, this ambulance donated by Malley Industries of Dieppe, New Brunswick is now on the road and making a difference at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti. EXXON generously increased the impact of this gift by donating medical supplies that were included with the shipment.
  • New equipment and supplies to local hospitals across relief areas:
    • Two ambulances delivered to Haiti.
    • X-Ray machine delivered to Guatemala.
    • PPE for clinics and hospitals in Haiti, Guatemala and Nicaragua.
  • Funding for new hospital wing for Bernard Mevs Hospital in Haiti.
  • Funding for cataract surgery for three initiatives so far in Nepal.

A C-Arm machine was generously donated by a hospital in Vancouver to our partners on the ground at Hospital Nino Jesus, in Guatemala City in November 2020. This medical device will provide a huge benefit for intraoperative imaging in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, vascular surgery, and cardiology.