Human Rights Policy

Team Broken Earth (TBE) is respects all international human rights laws and believes that all persons having contact with TBE (including employees) are entitled to be treated with dignity and in a way that respects fundamental human rights. TBE is committed to ensuring full compliance with all international, provincial and territorial human rights law.

TBE respects and supports the following:

  • The right to equal opportunity and non-discriminatory treatment
  • The right to security of person
  • The rights of children
  • The freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • TBE will not use forced or compulsory labour
  • TBE will provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • TBE will pay workers a fair wage
  • TBE will not pay bribes
  • TBE will ensure that the company’s services and products are not used to abuse human rights

These principles apply to all TBE’s operations, including any potential partnerships and suppliers. Recognizing that we do not have direct control over our supplier’s operations, we nonetheless strive to ensure that our partnerships and relationships do not make us complicit in any human rights violations.

TBE will endeavour to ensure that any suppliers and/or partners uphold the values set out in this policy.

TBE shall not discriminate against a member, or employee, or prospective employee based on that person’s race, religion, religious creed, political opinion, colour or ethnic, national or social origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, physical disability, mental disability or other proscribed ground in accordance with provincial law.

All TBE employees and members shall be required to comply with all governing law, this policy and other applicable policies.