Team NL: Guatemala Aug ’22

We’re sending our first Women’s Surgical Health Care Team Guatemala – Aug ‘22

In March 2022, Team Broken Earth medical volunteers travelled to Antigua, Guatemala for our first trip post-pandemic on a cleft lip/palate surgical mission. We were able to give 17 children a life-changing operation, allowing them to smile, speak, and most importantly, to eat. 

During this time, our volunteers saw even more people in need – specifically women…mothers. 

Guatemala is patriarchal and the most gender unequal country in Latin America. Women are the moral core of the family and handle the majority of household work and childcare. In a country with a high birth rate, these women often have pre and post partum health complications in need of surgical repair. 

To combat this growing health crisis and to get mothers back to their families, we are thrilled to announce we’ll be sending our FIRST Women’s Surgical Health Care team to Guatemala this August with a goal of healthy women = healthy children. 

In addition to our women’s health team, we are sending pediatric, orthopedic, plastic and general surgical teams, as well as, a vision health team.  The people of Guatemala have been waiting a long time for our help – the list of cleft children is growing by the day, hernias are preventing men from working and providing for their families, vision issues are continuing to deteriorate, as well as other long overdue surgeries are backlogging their health care system – especially in rural areas.

We are sending a team to help as many people as we can, and we need your support. Your generosity is what makes these missions possible. So please, donate to our Team Broken Earth Guatemala August 2022 mission today.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.